What exactly is EATY?

Ordering and planning in an easy way: By pre-ordering, every catering industry and canteen kitchen knows before purchasing, which and how many dishes should be prepared. Hence your kitchen can estimate, how many ingredients actually should be ordered, and unnecessary additional purchases can be reduced.

Get the EATY advantage for your kitchen!

EATY is economical!

Better planning of resources: The consumer can select his desired menu online and order up to one week in advance. Therefore, your kitchen is able to estimate how many ingredients actually should be ordered.

EATY is healthy!

Exact overview of ordered and consumed menus. In consequence meals can be prepared more efficient and fresher. With EATY you have all the important information about ingredients, allergens and nutritional values at a glance.

EATY is simple!

Simple and fast process of ordering, logistics and accounting: The consumer gets his ordered menu and the accounting will be done via system – either per PayPal, the payroll accounting or a previously recharged credit balance.

Ingredients for the perfect product!

Take: One digital food management system, adds a portion of plannability, divides it into efficiency increase and relief and finally gives a good price for profitability and sustainability.

Ingredient 1

Easy menu planning system: With only one click to the desired menu

Ingredient 2

Facilitated merchandise management and better planning of resources

Ingredient 3

Single entry of recipes: allergens, nutritional values or diet sheets are automatically available

Ingredient 4

Exact overview of ordered and consumed menus

Ingredient 5

Uncomplicated meal billing and relief for your administration

Ingredient 6

Seamless integration into BKVWIN guaranteed and individually expandable through additional modules

What satisfied customers say

"With the digital food management system EATY, the already established payment process in schools is merging with the organisation of food supply in the school canteens and cooking groups. EATY covers the process of quotation preparation, the ordering process and the basis for production, eduPAY provides for simplified and standardized billing.
Softwarepartner, eduPAY
Softwarepartner, eduPAY
"It is a special concern for us as responsible persons in the agricultural state educational institutions in Tyrol to convey the importance of the regional food to our pupils and to manage it in a sustainable and resource-conserving way. Through the use of BKVWIN and EATY, the range of food has become more transparent and students and course participants can make their food choices in advance. In this way we achieve better planning and a more sustainable handling of food."
DI Dr. Stefan Prantauer und FI Maria-Luise Schnegg, BEd. Land Tirol
DI Dr. Stefan Prantauer und FI Maria-Luise Schnegg, BEd. Land Tirol



  • data is stored in your provider's data center
  • low maintenance and repair costs
  • relief of the own infrastructure
  • device, time and location independent access
On Premise

  • data is stored in our own data center
  • use of own infrastructure
  • flexibility with server capacities
  • maximum control over data

  • combination of cloud based and on-premise solution
  • sensitive data in your own data center
  • non-sensitive data with the provider
  • better scalability and faster access times


All EATY models can also be combined with the organization systems BKV WIN and BKV BEST from ACON.

One-time setup fee: € 1.900, – • Individual pricing according to requirements


It has never been easier to control and improve the processes in a canteen kitchen. Use the advantages of digitalisation!

Do you want to use the comfort and easiness of EATY? Contact us.


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